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T-Minus Ten Designs LLC | Graphic Design title and logo animated

Recent Projects°

Cropping of title detail of a rocket launch poster
Poster/Sticker Concept°  Design°  Illustration°
Close cropping of Turning Outward report
Report Concept°  Design°  Layout°  Illustration°
Close cropping of cover of workshop cards featuring an illustration of a landscape with navigation elements such as binoculars, sign post, and navigation rose
Workshop Cards Concept°  Design°  Layout°  Illustration°
Collage of ferris wheel lights at night
Real Estate Flyer Concept°  Design°  Layout°
HausSparrow FB header image collage of Peregrine Falcon photo with an info graphic from web site
Logo/Website Concept°  Design°  Logo°  Website°  Photography°
Cropped image of typography from a poster design
Conference Graphics Concept°  Design°  Layout°
Portion of T-shirt art showing illustrated cartoon dinosaurs dressed up as traditional monsters for Halloween
Event T-Shirt Concept°  Design°  Illustration°
Partial image of fundraiser spread
Brochure/Insert Concept°  Design°  Layout°
Cropped photograph of golf tee art typography
Marketing Presentation Concept°  Design°  Layout°  Photography°
Photo of 3 promotional books
Promotional Books Concept°  Design°  Layout°  Photography°
Sample image of Washington DC Flyover for VE Day book cover
Photo Book Concept°  Design°  Layout°  Photography°
Recent photos
New Snaps Photography°